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Build-It Bus

This special ministry is available for those in the Philadelphia area.      


The Build-it Bus is excited to be partnering with YC&W to help churches implement the Montessori based Sunday school curriculum, Young Children and Worship.

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The Build it Bus: The Build-It Bus

Everything You Need:

We want to make this wonderful YC&W program possible for any church that is interested. Olivia Stewart Robertson can provide orientation and training, while Sherina Poorman and The Build-it Bus can help you make the materials.


Training and Consultation

An option to help churches get started with YC&W: We would like to offer a way for churches to get started with YC&W by presenting workshops on short thematic units. We are available to run workshops to prepare churches to offer a Lenten Young Children and Worship experience to their children. This beautiful series of Lenten stories could be offered as worship experiences during Lent in Sunday school, during a weekly children’s worship hour, as children’s programming during adult midweek Lenten programs, etc.

Seven Lenten stories: Workshop Participants will be prepared to present seven Young Children and Worship stories: a beautiful orienting lesson (presented to the children the week before Lent) plus six Lenten stories.

The Light (YCW Orienting lesson)

Lenten Puzzle

Jesus and the Children

Jesus and Bartimaeus

Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jesus the King

Jesus' Last Passover

Complete package – Churches can leave this workshop ready to implement a Lenten YCW unit: provided with the necessary training and materials.

  • Training: Olivia will be offering training to the children’s leaders that is tailored specifically for these seven Lenten stories.
  • Materials: For those churches who want to save on the full cost of buying the materials, Sherina will provide the guidance, materials and tools necessary to make the wooden figures and story telling props.  (Some of the work will be done on The Build-it Bus - a woodworking ministry of Ardmore Presbyterian). The tools are suitable for middle school and up, so churches are encouraged to include Youth in their workshop team. 

Enrollment: Enrollment in the Olivia-led training portion of these workshops is unlimited, but there is a six church limit for the material making portion of the program. First come, first serve, so sign up early!

Costs: Training:  $ Give as church is able

$50 additional for two shelves - necessary for presenting the story materials


Material making:  $150 for story figures, baskets, underlays,
(The cost of buying the official YCW Lenten materials is around $380 - plus shipping). 

Covenant Grant: We are eager for churches that are urban and under-resourced to attend this workshop.  A Covenant Grant has been given to cover the costs for the materials portion of the workshop for churches involved in urban ministry.

 To schedule a training event or workshop, contact Olivia or Sherina at the addresses above.

The Materials:

Central to the program are beautifully told Bible stories presented to the children with well-crafted wooden figurines and props. Young Children and Worship requires 44 sets of figurines and other wooden story telling props - as well as shelving and other classroom equipment. The Build-it Bus can travel to your church and supply the raw materials, the tools and all the support you need to set up a fully equipped Young Children and Worship room at your church -- at a fraction of the cost of buying the supplies.