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What Happens

The Children & Worship workshop will:

Show you how to lead and administer this unique adventure in worship with children, ages three to seven, and up to sixth grade.

Show you how to prepare a special worship environment, where both children and adults sense the awe and wonder of God.

Teach you how to tell the biblical stories and parables, using wooden figures and other materials.

Invite you into the joy of worshiping with Children.

Here is the typical schedule for a two-day training event:

Friday: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm                     Saturday Continued
5:00 Registration and Welcome                10:15 Break 
5:15 Children and Worship: The                   10:30 The Church Year – How it Fits 
Experience Story: “The Light”               11:00 How do you get ready to be in the  
6:00 What did you just see and where                Worship Center? 
        did it come from…? Young                             -Preparation of the Worship Leaders 
        Children and Worship Welcome                  -How to Present Stories and Parables
        and Overview                                                     -Demonstration: “Abram and Sarai” 
  6:30 The order of what you just                   12:00 Lunch 
        experienced: A Worship Approach       1:00 I Wonder How to Wonder: Wondering 
        to the Spiritual Formation of                       and Response 
        Children                                                                     -Story: “Pentecost” 
7:00 Break                                                         2:00 The Worship Center Environment: 
7:15  Worship Story: “Parable of the Good           How the worship center is set up and  
        Shepherd”                                                              why
8:00 Your Turn                                                        -Differences: parables, liturgical 
8:30 Go In Peace                                                           stories, and narratives
Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm                   2:30 Story: “Jesus and the Children” 
                                                                             3:00 Your Turn 
9:00 Welcome and Worship Story:                      
-Time for Q & A 
        “Creation”                                                          -Explore Worship Center 
9:30 How do you help the children get               -Exchange Emails and Information
        ready to be with God?                            4:00 Go in Peace 
        -Demonstration and explanation
        of the Worship Approach