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Worship Woodworks

Young Children and Worship and Following Jesus materials have been made 
with love and care in the Ministry of Sally Selzer. Sally met Sonja Stewart who encouraged her to make Children & Worship materials. Since 1995, Worship 
Woodworks has grown from a “one person, in the family garage” endeavor to a growing business with 7 employees in a well-equipped shop and several others who work out of their homes.    (Click the image)

The materials Worship Woodworks handcrafts are made to the specifications of the late Dr. Sonja Stewart and Dr. Jerome Berryman. These materials are used in the stories Sonja and Jerome developed using the Montessori Method for teaching young children Bible stories and how to worship in a setting limited only by each child’s readiness to learn. Adults often say they also understand more details in these favorite Biblical stories after observing them in this children’s program setting.

Following Jesus is considered a continuation of the established and respected Young Children and Worshipcurriculum. Children & Worship moves children through the entire Bible, from “The Creation” to “Pentecost” with several parables included. Following Jesus, primarily taken from the New Testament Book of Mark, begins with “Baby Jesus is Presented to God” to “A New Heaven, a New Earth, and a New Jerusalem”. Colorful felt underlays set the scene for wood figures to play out the stories and allow children to expand their imagination. Textures of the various materials used and the wondering questions, allow even more senses to be stretched and developed. The figures, buildings, mountains and other tangible materials stimulate the visual and imaginative senses of all ages. 

You can also contact her at: 1-888-689-6757.